The Impact of Structured Literacy Approach to Develop Phonemic Awareness and Reading Competence in Second Grade Students from Elementary School


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direct instruction reading, orientation that, identifies major skills, selects, and modifies commercial programs that best teach those skills


The following research portrays information related to the topic: The impact of Structured Literacy Approach in Second Graders from in elementary school. The research identifies some teaching techniques that can be useful to train young learners in elementary school to develop phonemic and reading competence. Some characteristics of the method called Direct Instruction Reading, which is one example of the Structured Literacy Approach, were used as teaching techniques to shape a step by step a set of activities closely linked to what is requested in MEP´s scope and sequences for second grade. Regarding data collection, surveys, an interview, and observations were primarily the main instruments to gather information. Finally, conclusions will show a set of statements linking how he implementation of phonics foster literacy competence as well as motivation.


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