Andragogical Assumptions in The Adult Students’ Learning Process to Improve Reading Skills


  • M.A. Yahui Huang Chang Facultad de Educación Universidad Hispanoamericana

Palabras clave:

andragogy, adult learning, adult teaching, andragogical theories, adult education


The present study includes andragogy related topics applied in the adult teaching system in Costa Rican night schools. It comprises all background information and the purpose of the study, demonstrates the validity of the research and the realistic context the participants of the current study encounter in their academic organization. Also, contains the theories relevant to the Andragogical study and provides the reason the research problem under study exists. Terms such as andragogy, adult, adult learning were explained in detail using other important works from well-known investigators and educators. After these terms are clarified and understood, it becomes a tool for readers and future investigators interested in the area. Additionally, it connects this study to existing knowledge. Decisively, it includes the significant methodology for teachers working with adult students. Also, it shows which information was gathered to back up the study and indicates the nature of this qualitative research. Lastly, it shows the analysis of the obtained data. Accordingly, as conclusions and recommendations, it covers critical assumptions to help future investigators and teachers in the adult learning and teaching process.


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